Fuel your body with the power of ketones

Ketones are an alternative fuel source for our brain and body.

Our bodies need energy to preform our daily activities. This energy is at the molecular level is called ATP. ATP is produced in the mitochondria of all cells. It however also takes energy to produce ATP. This energy comes from the break down of one of two different fuel sources, glucose or ketones.

  1. Glucose is the broken down to produce ATP by the process called glycolysis
    1. Glucose comes from
      1. Carbohydrates that we eat
      2. The break down of the stored glucose in the form of glycogen
      3. Protein from our diet that break down into amino acids into glycogen then into glucose
  2. Ketones are broken down to produce ATP thru the process called Beta- oxidation
    1. Ketones are formed by the break down of fats.
      1. There are 3 different ketones (ketone bodies):
        1. Acetoacetate
        2. Beta-hydroxybutyrate
        3. Acetone

How can I get into ketosis?

  1. Starvation
  2. Intense exercise
  3. Eating ketogenic diet (70% fats, 20% proteins and 5% carbohydrates)
  4. Adding endogenous ketone supplement

The majority of the US population is currently only fueled by glucose, since the body is not able to tap into the second fuel source of ketones until it has run out of glucose. Our bodies however are designed to use either ketones or glucose as a mechanism to protect our species in times of starvation. Just think about how we lived in the caveman days when there was not any grocery stores or McDonalds on every block.  In the summer and spring when food was plentiful, cavemen would eat more food and pack on and store the extra as fat.  Then in the fall and winter when food was scarce, the cavemen would live off that extra stored fat by switch over from using glucose to ketones as primary fuel source.

The brain actually prefers to use ketones as a fuel when it is available.

There are 3 main reasons why ketones are a better source of energy for your brain.

  1. Ketones produce more ATP than glucose.
  2. Ketones are a cleaner less toxic source of energy since they produce less carbon dioxide and free radicals than when the body uses glucose as a fuel source
  3. Unlike glucose, ketones do not depend on insulin to get into the cells for use.

Are you often fatigued in the middle of the day? Do you have a hard time and need more energy to get thru a busy day at work, a long workout or just for a day of play? If so, instead of reaching for a high calorie candy bar, soda or energy drink, which will cause you to crash in a couple of hours, consider changing your fuel source to ketone based instead of glucose.