• healthy-apple A Healthy lifestyle can reduce YOUR risk of stroke - How you can decrease your risk of stroke As a neurologist, I see on a daily basis how devastating and debilitating a stroke can be. Unfortunately, the effects are typically irreversible. Therefore, prevention is of great importance. Controllable risk factors for stroke include hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, and smoking.   Thus, living a healthy lifestyle, which […]
  • sweeteners Non-Caloric Sweeteners - Non-Caloric Sweeteners, Friend or Foe? More and more people have turned to non-caloric sweeteners, in attempts to lose weight or at least, help prevent further weight gains. Questions have been raised about whether or not we are, instead, doing our bodies a disservice? 1.  Can non-caloric sweeteners cause weight gain? Counterintuitive to what we might […]
  • FYI-migraine 5 Things You Should Question About Your Migraines -  5 Things you should question your Doctor about your Migraines Here are 5 things that American Headache Society task force recommends to help physicians and patients make wise decisions about the most appropriate migraine care. 1.  There is no need to preform neuroimaging studies when you have stable migraine headaches.  This is based on the fact […]
  • stroke cut Stroke Prevention Made Simple -  Stroke Prevention It just starts with one simple step I was recently at a stroke prevention talk for physicians and medical students. The speaker started the talk by asking the audience several questions.  The first was; “If you had a stroke, how many of you would want to be on a treatment program to prevent […]
  • tc-fibro Tai Chi for Fibromyalgia - Tai Chi for Fibromyalgia People who have fibromyalgia live in considerable amount of pain.  They are aerobically unfit, have poor muscle strength, limited flexibility, and have impaired physical performance.  Studies have shown that exercise would benefit all of those symptoms.   Despite knowing that exercise is beneficial, most people who have fibromyalgia do not participate in […]
  • fibromyalgia-lady200 Fibromyalgia - Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia is chronic musculoskeletal pain condition that, unfortunately, it is much too common (reported in nearly 5 million people in the US). It is characterized by widespread muscle and joint pain. Patients with fibromyalgia complain of aches and pain all over their bodies. They often complain of fatigue — even on arising from sleep. […]
  • migraine-pic1-150x150 Migraine Headaches -  What are migraines and how can I prevent them? As a Neurologist with a specialty in Headache Medicine;  This is what I tell patients with migraine headaches What are migraines?  Migraines are a primary headache disorder of recurrent attacks of moderate to severe pain.  The pain is often described as a throbbing or a pulsing pain which […]